Sisto in Law & Order's court

One person glad that NBC picked up the long-running crime drama Law & Order is Jeremy Sisto. The late decision to renew the Dick Wolf-produced series for an 18th season means actor Sisto has a new job.

Sisto has been added to next season's cast as a detective to replace Milena Govich (Detective Nina Cassady), reports the Associated Press. The actor is no stranger to the Law & Order proceedings, as he guest-starred last season as a criminal defense attorney.

He's also no stranger to NBC; the 32-year-old actor played the lead role in the network's failed drama Kidnapped last year. He also donned sandals as Jesus in the 1999 miniseries Jesus, wore more sandals as Julius Caesar in the 2002 miniseries Julius Caesar, adopted a bit of psychosis as Rachel Griffith's mentally unstable brother in Six Feet Under, and danced with Brittany Murphy as Alicia Silverstone's one-time love interest Elton ("rollin' with the homies") in Clueless.

Sisto's addition comes just days after former real-life senator and potential 2008 presidential candidate Fred Thompson announced that he was leaving the show.

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  • 10:00 pm