Six Questions Lost Fans Should Ask Themselves

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Tonight is the first night you'll notice it's really gone. It's Tuesday, the night Lost fans made excuses not to leave the house for the past dozen-and-a-half weeks. But come 9pm, we won't be glued to our TV screens, we'll be trying to fill the empty hole in our hearts that once belonged to Jack, Hurley, a four-toed statue, a donkey wheel, and a lush paradise simply known as "the island."

The divisive finale left some blown away and others wishing they'd blown themselves away. Like with a gun. The debate over its quality rages on, but the healing process must also begin. We're here to help you find closure with six therapeutic questions all Lost fans should be asking themselves (I'll answer them, too!). Write down your answers in the comments section below, and let the healing begin!

What's the "next Lost"? What's your next obsession?
For me, there simply isn't another show on TV right now that's as wonderfully demanding as Lost. While I think Breaking Bad and Supernatural are just as good in quality, if not better, neither really merits being an obsession. So to answer my own question, I think the "next Lost" is yet to come.

Will you ever re-watch the series now that you know what happened?
No. I'm done with it. It was a great ride, but I don't feel the need to re-watch any part of it. (I've already watched the thing through twice.)

Would you recommend Lost to those who haven't seen it?
Without a doubt, yes. Even though I had my issues with the finale and parts of Season 6, it's still an excellent show. That said, I'd probably tell people that it's okay to quit sometime around Season 4 if frustration sets in.

Do you think the writers knew where they were going the whole time?
I'm struggling with this. I do believe they knew what the final scene was (Jack's eye closing), but that's hardly a surprise, and something that any junior film student could have come up with. However, I'm not totally convinced they had the final 10 minutes planned from the get-go.

Did the finale improve or hurt your impression of the series overall?
I wrote my opinion on this already, but I'll say it again. It didn't sway me either way. I remember the things I loved about Lost, and to me, it remains one of the best shows I've ever seen. I'd say I got my money's worth and then some.

Do you think it ended at the right time? Did you want the show to go on longer?
Honestly, I think the show would have been a lot tighter and would have been better served if it'd been shorter. I think four seasons would have been enough to tell the whole story; condense it, trim the fat, and please leave Ilana, Nikki, Paulo, and Zoe out of the new version.

Your turn!

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