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Skins Gets Two More Seasons; Secret Suggests One Character Could Stay

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Popular teen drama, Skins, will be back for a fifth and sixth series, E4 announced today. And though it's confirmed that none of the main cast will be returning -- not even Effy, the only character to exist in all seasons so far -- the show's co-creator has revealed one current character could be kept in.

Speaking at the launch of the present season Jamie Brittain admitted that it's "possible" James Fitch, the younger brother of twins Emily and Katie, might remain in the show. Executive producer Bryan Elsey responded by joking: "Well, we'll have to now. Won't we?" But, in an interview with DigitalSpy earlier that month Elsey denied these plans, saying: "I can't imagine [keeping] anyone at the moment. I just love James Fitch, but he is not at the right age to join the main cast."

Open auditions are being held in April for those hoping to star in the new seasons, the first of which will consist of 8 episodes and is expected to air next year. A spokesperson on the E4 website adds: "We're properly excited about this and the writers have been holed up since December coming up with some seriously good stuff."

The current series of Skins, which concludes next Thursday (March 18) at 10pm, drew 1.1 million to its debut in January. Ratings have dropped slightly since then, with many fans admitting they don't like season four's darker tone; so far this series we've witnessed more cheating, a suicide attempt by Effy, and a prison escape from Cook. Nevertheless, this series is still outperforming all previous seasons' viewing figures, averaging an audience of 1.3 million according to E4.

Are you glad it's been renewed for a double-whammy?

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