SLiDE set to revolutionise TV

Foxtel's new local drama will be a multi-platform series featuring social media and online elements set to "revolutionise" how viewers interact with TV.

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Described as "furiously funny and fearlessly frank", SLiDE delves into the lives of five teenagers as they battle hurdles on the road to adulthood.

Cameras started rolling yesterday on the Australian drama, which is being co-produced for Fox8 by Playmaker Media and Hoodlum in Brisbane.

The 10-episode series will star some of Australia's newest acting talent -- Adele Perovic, Ben Schumann (Neighbours, Holly's Heroes), Brenton Thwaites, Emily Robins (Shortland Street, The Elephant Princess) and Gracie Gilbert -- as they embark on "first-time" experiences with a seemingly unwavering attitude towards the challenges they face.

SLiDE will also offer more than a traditional, passive viewing experience by complementing the program with an immersive website at, as well as utilising social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

It has not yet been announced what the show's social media strategy and website will entail.

Foxtel executive director of television and marketing Brian Walsh said of the project, "SLiDE is an ambitious Australian drama that takes us flying into the new world of online and social media. It is a Foxtel first, and will fit perfectly into Fox8's schedule in 2011.

"The producers and writers have done an outstanding job in connecting with the age group and desired audience so far. SLiDE will be raw and real and, in true Foxtel tradition, different to what has been seen on Australian television previously."

SLiDE premieres 7:30pm Tuesday August 16, 2011 on Fox8.

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Jan 17, 2011
I'm just excited that it's filming in Brisbane!
Nov 09, 2010
These "online and social media" multi-platform shows always fail . Being ambitious isn't experimenting with things that the US have already tried and failed. Or is this a thinly failed Skins re-make?
Nov 09, 2010
Who Cares? Honestly!

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