Smallville Creators Sue CW

... Smallville creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough think that the CW and Warner Bros. TV ripped them off, so they've taken them to court. Millar and Gough, who left the series after the seventh season, claim the CW and WBTV licensed the show to its affiliates and to foreign markets for well-below market value, leaving Gough and Millar a few millions short of what they should have got. [THR]

... More CW: the network knows its programs cater to Internet-savvy viewers (i.e. youngsters) so it's hitting them where it hurts. Online streams of its shows will be accompanied by just as many ads as their broadcast counterparts next season. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "This totally sucks, dude." [Wall Street Journal]

... Chloe Sevigny said some awful things about this season of Big Love last week, but now she's passing the blame on the media. She says she was exhausted and provoked by a reporter when she said this past season of the HBO show was awful. It's okay Chloe, we all know it sucked and you're just playing nice with the people who pay your bills. [EW]

... And the reporter who conducted said interview has responded, basically saying exactly what I said at the end of the previous item. [AV Club]

... May 23 is pretty much the Super Bowl to sci-fi drama fans, as that's the day the Lost series finale airs. So it only makes sense that it commands Super Bowl-like costs for advertisers. A 30-second spot during the Lost finale will cost $900,000. That's a steep price for something I'm just going to fast-forward through. [Ad Age]

... That girl from Blossom (she has a name, it's Mayim Bialik) might be hooking up with TV's raddest nerd. Bialik has been tapped for a recurring role on CBS' The Big Bang Theory as a possible love interest for Sheldon (Jim Parsons). Her character is said to be the female version of Sheldon, and they'll meet through eHarmony. I'm not a fan of this. Sheldon is asexual, everyone knows that. [THR]

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