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Smallville DVDs go high-def

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Smallville fans have known for a while that the most recent season of the show, season six, is being boxed up for a DVD release in mid-September. However, those fans with superpowered high-definition displays and high-definition DVD players were clueless as to when, and if, HD-DVD and Blu-ray versions would also be released.

It turns out that Smallville's sixth season will be available on both formats at the same time the standard DVD set is released--September 18--according to specialty Web site

Both sets will reportedly sell for $79.98 and include several bonus features, among them the featurettes "Green Arrow: The Legend of the Emerald Archer," "Smallville Legends: Justice & Doom," "Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles," and its "Making of" short, "Smallville Big Fans," and the requisite deleted scenes.

The HD-DVD set will come on five discs, and the Blu-ray set will be on four discs.

This isn't the first time Tom Welling and his castmates have been packages for home in high-definition. Season five of Smallville was offered in HD-DVD, but not in Blu-ray.

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