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Smallville Fans <3 Chloe Sullivan

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Smallville fans made this little vid for Chloe (Allison Mack). Cute.


Running Wilde's Will Arnett and Keri Russell dish to over-zealous TV journalist Kristin Dos Santos. In her defense, I'd be doing the same thing if the man formerly known as Gob was standing in front of me.


Here she is again, a little calmer this time, with 30 Rock's Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski.



... It's that time of the year in TV land! No, not upfronts time. No, not season finales time. Cool Emmy mailer time! 

... The soundtrack to Breaking Bad is out today!

... Ever wonder why Breaking Bad looks so dang slick all the time? It's because of Michael Slovis.

... What's your pick for Saturday Night Live's best sketch this season? (Mine is Stefon. Hands down.)

... The good stuff on TV this past season has been really good. Yadadamean?

... Bret Michaels' first post-brain-hemorrhage interview will be with Oprah

... Parenthood's Sam Jaeger is a stay-at-home-dad in real life, too. 

... What's up with Huddy? House's Lisa Edelstein knows. 

... Here's what would happen if 24's Jack Bauer got Lost

... These guys have had Jack Bauer's back all these years hours. 

... That's right. Multi-camera comedies can suck it. Single-cam FTW! 

... The Good Wife's Matt Czuchry discusses Cary Agos' future on the show.

... Of course Funny or Die would visit the set of the Golden Girls' porn parody.

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