Smallville Gets a 10th Season

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and two and a half times longer-running than that ham Lois and Clark... it's Smallville!

The CW superhero show has finally been renewed for a 10th season, the network has announced. There were questions about the show's chances of renewal, but isn't it always like that for Smallville?

When Smallville's creators left the program last year, everyone thought the show would get canceled. When The CW juggled its lineup and kicked Smallville to Fridays this season, everyone thought the show would get canceled. When The CW renewed five shows earlier this year without mentioning Smallville, everyone thought it might get canceled. But Smallville soldiers on.

Is there any other program on television right now that has defied odds like Smallville has? How much longer can it hang on for? Will we get to see Superman in his 40s?

Anyway, it's good news for Smallville fans, and a good move for The CW, which appears to be heading away from shows about sex-crazed teens.

Smallville's 10th season is expected to premiere in fall 2011.

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