Smallville: Is Clark Finally Going to Fly?

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The CW's Smallville has given fans a lot to cheer about over the show's first nine seasons, but the drama isn't over yet. One of the things Smallville fans have been anticipating for almost a decade is to look up and finally say, "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman!"

Smallville may well be about young Superman, but we've yet to see Clark, played by Tom Welling, take to the skies and fly on his own. I mean, come on, dude. Your sister (editor's note: duhhhh!) cousin can do it.

But producers have strongly hinted that he'll be able to fly in Season 10, and now we have some video that suggests that it will happen. Heck, the name of the trailer is "Smallville Takes Off."

We've also been teased regarding Clark getting into Superman's iconic red-and-blue suit and cape, and given the dominant color scheme of the trailer, it's all but certain.

Hardcore Smallville fans may have to correct me on this, but I think the "new" trailer below is mostly recycled footage from earlier seasons. Still, the end is nigh!

Are you ready for the final season of Smallville and Clark's transformation into Superman?

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