SNL: Meet the New Girl, Kate McKinnon

A new face will debut on Saturday Night Live when the show returns after a short hiatus on April 7 with an episode hosted by Modern Family's Sofia Vergara: Kate McKinnon, from Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show, has been added as a feature player, Deadline reports. That sent us scrambling to the internet wilds to get a sneak peek at what we can expect. According to her bio, Kate “graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in theater” and “relishes playing ugly and/or British characters, such as Fitzwilliam, the little transgendered boy from Switchingamshire.”

Here is a Kate McKinnon comedy sampler platter, harvested from YouTube:

Here she is backstage on The Big Gay Sketch Show, in character as Barbara Walters. Good Walters impression. Warning: Graphic content. Hide the children. Not safe for work. Etc.

In the funniest thing we found, which also features The Office’s Ellie Kemper and 30 Rock’s Sue Galloway (the “girl writer” character), a bachelorette party finds a lot to scream about. As one commenter noted, “Kate McKinnon's eyes are a gift from the comedic gods!!!!”

Bad celeb impression alert: McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a terrible sketch in which McKinnon presides over a speed-dating session for which no women show up. Good training for enduring the many long, terrible SNL sketches in her future.

Here’s a sketch in which BP oil execs deal with a coffee spill on their conference room table. A good example of why topical humor has no shelf life. But McKinnon is funny!

Finally, here is McKinnon’s most unusual and convincing character of all: a metal clay safety instructor. Except I think this might be a different Kate McKinnon? In any case, Kate McKinnon the metalsmith better get used to being confused for Kate McKinnon the SNL star!

What do you think of McKinnon's potential, based on what you've seen here?

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