SNL: Sketch Ideas for Zooey Deschanel (Plus: Watch Daniel Radcliffe's Promos!)

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Saturday Night Live has been on a roll lately, coming off a three-episode hot streak that saw Jason Segel, Jimmy Fallon, and even Charles Barkley earn laughs both in and out of ladydrag (or was that Andre the Giant? So hard to tell sometimes). But what’s next? More! We want more! Here’s some more: Daniel Radcliffe, who remained effortlessly charming well after he waved his adorable adolescence goodbye with a flick of his wand and entered The Gawky Years. In this series of promos, Daniel and Jason Sudeikis kick it, charmingly.

What’s that? You need yet more? Fine! NBC has just announced the next two guest hosts: Channing Tatum will debut on February 4 (accompanied by musical guest Bon Iver), and then none other than … drumroll … adorkable Fox sexy-object Zooey Deschanel hosts the February 11 show. It’s her first time hosting, too, which took us by surprise. And we must say, this is one we are really looking forward to. So many Zooey-riffic cliches to spoof. For example:

The Cotton Commercial
In this parody ad, Zooey skips around the neighborhood, musically rhapsodizing the wonders of her favorite fabric: vacuum-sealed Latex. Yes, it’s a dirty fetish video! (Brought to you by the Latex people.)

(500) Days of Summer
The girl who pulsed Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s heart into a cardiac smoothie is back, but this time she has met her match: the sweets-loving Lord Wyndemere! Who will drive who crazier, out of chronological order, first?

Her Indie Pixie Image
A game show in which cross-eyed hipster fanboys must compete in a series of outlandish stunts to win Zooey’s affections. Next up: The Yodel-Off!

The modern Christmas classic earns Zooey a surprise walk-on from none other than her former co-star and SNL alum Will Ferrell. The two pay homage to the movie's singing-in-the-shower scene with a heartwarming rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside." (Now, actually, that's something we'd really like to see.)

Suggest your own Zooey-starring sketches in the comments!

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