SNL Weekend Update Thursday Returns: Our Favorite (Bipartisan) Moment

By now it goes without saying that nothing good comes from a presidential election season (certainly not a leader we'll all love). But if we're going to put up with 18 months of annoying headlines, then the least we deserve is a bonus half-hour of Saturday Night Live each Thursday! This week saw the return of Weekend Update Thursday, SNL's politics-infused spin-off. Though the sketches, Seth Meyers jokes, and character commentaries weren't anything extraordinary by SNL standards, one sketch I loved was the fake ad for classic cutaway moments from both parties' conventions:

Nailed it! Okay, so it wasn't the timeliest sketch, but still. Did you see those conventions? Who ARE those people? Also, Taran Killam's dance moves are going to haunt my dreams.

Check back this weekend for a recap of this Saturday's episode of SNL, hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

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