So That's Where the Dharma Food Drops Came From

What the heck!? I thought I was done writing about Lost! Well, apparently not. The Lost Season 6 DVD set is coming out later this month (on August 24, to be exact), and it includes some never-before-seen footage that's been made specifically for the box set and that provides details on events that happened after the finale. Supposedly it also answers some of lingering questions.

This clip shows Ben Linus in some sort of Dharma food factory and introduces what may be Lost's whiniest character and his chill friend. Take a look at the video, and then we'll continue this conversation below.

My question to you is: Should we even care anymore? Now that we know what we know, are these attempts at answering questions for fans too little, too late Or are they great nuggets of extra information? Discuss!

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