So which other veteran actors deserve a Logie?

After Ray Meagher won the Logie Award for 22 years as "Alf Stewart", we throw some other names into the hat.

Ray Meagher's Gold Logie win was roundly applauded by the television industry, not so much for a distinct year of work as his survival skills in a fickle industry.

It followed a 2006 win by Blue Heelers' John Wood. But sentimentality wasn't enough to get Ian "Harold Bishop" Smith over the line in 2009, while John Howard has also lost out in recent years.

In a curious voting anomaly, Meagher's name wasn't even on the voting form two years ago. But the humble actor was just as baffled by the sudden accolades.

"I've got no idea how or why those things happen. I've been blessed with a career for nearly 40 years, where I've worked through most of it and that's reward enough really," he said.

"For something like this it's a bit special and it's a very nice night."

So who else has a long and glorious career that is deserving of a Gold Logie?

Here are just a few quiet achievers who spring to mind:

Kerri-Anne Kennerley: another TV survivor. She's done it all from Good Morning Australia to Midday and her own morning show. KAK is still on air and showing them how it's done.

Noni Hazelhurst: from Play School, Better Homes and Gardens and City Homicide, including dramatic scenes in 2009 which deserved a nomination. She has also championed children's TV in Australia.

Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton: who do we turn to when we want to know if a movie is any good or not? The veteran movie duo have been taking us to the cinema for nearly 25 years on At The Movies.

Maggie Tabberer: she's just finished a career on the Bio Channel, but Maggie T harks back to the 1960's on our small screen.

Tom Oliver: if it's good enough for Harold and Alf, why hasn't Neighbours' Lou got a nomination yet? And while we're at it, Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher too.

Judith McGrath: 13 years on All Saints and the only original cast member left standing when its life support was switched off. And many additional years on Prisoner.

Roy Billing and Garry McDonald: both nominated for Logies this year and both missed out, although McDonald is a previous winner, including a Gold for Norman Gunston.

Newsreaders: Ian Ross, Peter Hitchener, Mal Walden, Lee Lin Chin, Jo Hall -- we salute you.

Geraldine Doogue: Compass may not be the biggest hitter on the box, but Geraldine Doogue has been hosting it since 1998.

Steve Liebmann: the Today show veteran, now host of Crime Investigation Australia and 2010 Winter Olympics compere.

George Negus: from 60 Minutes to Dateline and 7pm Project. Always opinionated, always engaging, George is still holding his own with viewers young and old.

Julia Blake: Bed of Roses classy grandmother, who made a wonderful couple with the late Bud Tingwell in the last series.

Denise Drysdale: Ding Dong has a good swag of Logies thanks to her years beside Ernie Sigley. But it's great to see she is still firing on the small box.

Who else would you like to see recognised for their unsung years on the box?

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May 09, 2010
There are a few! Tom Oliver has already been mentioned. Ian Smith has been nominated but he never actually won a Logie. Would have been great if he did win it.

Jackie Woodburne who plays Susan Kennedy on Neighbours and Alan Fletcher who plays Karl Kennedy on Neighbours should have one as well! :)

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