So You Think You Can Dance: And the Winners Are... AMAZING

So You Think You Can Dance S09E15: "Winners Chosen"

Well, that was wonderful. AND WEIRD. But mostly wonderful. Yes, it's with bittersweet tears and sloppy sighs that we must once again bid farewell to one of television's finest reality competitions. And also, perhaps, happiness itself? Okay, that's probably not true, but So You Think You Can Dance just makes me so happy! It's both earnest AND cool, tacky AND elegant, emotional AND festive, sexy AND creepy, cerebral AND beefcakey, American AND British. Lots of ANDs. It's a testament to this show's versatility and massive appeal that some of us can be thrilled by a Celine Dion-scored contemporary piece while others of us might prefer, I don't know, ratchet krump? See what I'm saying? This show is WEIRD. And straight-up wonderful.

In keeping with tradition, tonight's finale was more or less a celebration of the entire season. Not only did we revisit highlights from the audition rounds, we got to see the entire roster of Season 9 contestants (hey Matthew!), as well as 11 recreations of the judges' and finalists' favorite routines throughout the season. All that, plus a bunch of BRAND NEW routines, which—Dang, do the dancers ever get to sleep? Anyway, first things first:


That's right, Eliana and Chehon took the honors this year! America, you did well.

I think we all kind of expected Eliana would take it, but I don't think ANY of us expected that she would also dress like a hooker and fart a firework.

You know? Some things you just can't predict. Seriously excellent choices though. Chehon's victory was the real delight here; it seemed that while America loved Cyrus' charisma and insane (though limited) skill set, most voters responded to Chehon's arc from stolid ballerino to open-hearted adonis. Both Tiffany and Cyrus will most likely be All-Stars in future seasons, but Eliana and Chehon are both winners this show can be proud of.


It's saying something that the highlight of the evening could very likely be a lowlight also? I don't know! But it was the Top 10 contestants matched with 10 All-Stars dancing to a District 78 remix of a track from The Lion King (!). I mean, I can't even—Just see for yourself:

So which was it: Terrible or amazing? For me it had just enough arm dancing to push it firmly into "amazing" territory. Loved it!

But another new routine brought a smile to my face this evening: The Christopher Scott hip-hop foursome in which he himself danced alongside tWitch, Cyrus, and my ladycrush Comfort. Just way fun (the fake bullet-time made me LOL):


Because so much of the finale was about revisiting everybody's favorite routines throughout the season, I wanted to get in on this too! (To be honest, out of all the things re-performed in the finale, the only routine I truly liked was the Witney & tWitch hip-hop routine—definitely not that terrible suitcase one.) Anyway, I know you guys might not agree with this, and the judges didn't even go crazy for it the first time around, but for me this lyrical hip-hop routine was my favorite of the season:

Sorry, I just love it so much. But then again, my favorite routine from LAST season was the Ricky & Sasha Waacking number, so you can feel free to disregard my personal tastes.


... How insane was Mary Murphy's boutonniere-brooch-thing? Didn't it look like any second it would start talking into the microphone?

... Shipping these two so hard:

I loved their collaboration that began the show, but something about it didn't totally come together for me. Still though, Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott are probably my two favorite choreographers on the show and are this season's MVPs for sure.

... I'd forgotten this until we saw flashbacks to the auditions, but remember when Witney had braces?

... The main thing I took away from Carly Rae Jepsen's performance was that it's apparently 1989 again? Seriously, lady was like a brunette Debbie Gibson up there. Oh, and one of her backup dancers was Season 8's Ryan, who I remember used to make me nervous that she'd accidentally murder Ricky at any moment.

... The finale seemed especially LIVE this year, as there were several awkward moments caught on camera. Like at one point I'm pretty sure Cat attempted to skip the clip-package of Cyrus' favorite routine, but producers played it anyway, and then while it played we could still hear Cat talking to somebody, possibly a producer.

... Those sassy twins from the auditions: Still awesome.

... Speaking of awesome... It's time to get real:


Congratulations to NINE TIME WINNER Cat Deeley for being the true and deserving overall winner of yet another season of So You Think You Can Dance. Honestly, not to get all gooey here, but is there a better on-air host anywhere on any show? No, no there is not. It's never not astounding how amazing she is at her job. There was a point during last season's American Idol where Ryan Seacrest was so ill that Nigel Lythgoe enlisted Cat Deeley as a possible fill-in. That that didn't end up happening will always make my heart hurt. But yeah, anyway, credit where credit's due: Cat Deeley is the best.


What did YOU think of the Season 9 winners?
What was YOUR favorite routine of the season?

How badly will you miss this show?

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