Soap writers turn scabs

There are a few basic rules that hold true, no matter what the situation may be. Never go in against a Sicilian, especially when death is on the line, and never cross a picket line.

While the former may merely be the result of a gifted screenwriter's imagination, the latter can actually have severe consequences. One week into the Writers Guild of America strike, reports of the first strikebreakers (derogatorily called "scabs") are starting to surface.

Some WGA-card-carrying scribes for daytime soap operas have resumed work, says Variety, opting to risk being blacklisted and shunned by the union in exchange for a paycheck. Citing anonymous sources, the trade says that a "high-ranking writer-producer" on The Young and the Restless has let the WGA know that he or she is returning to work. In doing so, the writer is giving up full guild membership privileges.

Another source claims that two more writers on the show are also breaking the picket line, with others seriously considering following suit (including one from Days of Our Lives). Another source says other soap writers are "working in the shadows."

It's yet to be determined what sort of actions the WGA will take against the writers who continue to work, but Variety thinks the union will act to "publicly embarrass" them because there is so much on the line. The idea is that humiliating strikebreakers will prevent others from returning to work and undermining the strike.

There are yet to be any reports of prime-time or late-night writers crossing the picket line.

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