Sold! Neisha and John clean up at The Block auction

One couple walks away with over $300,000 while another leaves empty-handed.

A whopping $305,000 -- that's how much Neisha and John pocketed from the finale of Nine's reality series, The Block.

When their apartment went to auction in Vaucluse on Tuesday night it soared beyond their wildest dreams, netting a cool $1,105,000. With the reserve price of $900,000 the childhood sweethearts profited $205,000 -- enough to win the series and the additional $100,000 on offer.

“Words can’t describe the feeling. Our dream was to buy a house and now we really can," the couple said.

The Block has been an amazing experience. We have made friends for life and been given the best helping hand anyone could ever ask for.

“The sky is the limit after finishing The Block so now we feel like we can take on anything, maybe even being parents.”

But their good fortune was in stark contrast to the experience of Brenton and Chez, whose apartment failed to reach its reserve of $880,000. After weeks of relentless renovating they were faced with the cruel reality that they didn't net any profit from the finale.

Both were left speechless, along with host Scott Cam, when the property was passed in at $865,000.

Best friends Mark and Duncan (better known as the "two fat tradies") profited $47,000 when their apartment was sold for $907,000 (despite having two garages). Erin and Jake came second when their harbour-view apartment sold for $997,500, which was $87,500 above the reserve.

While Neisha and John proved a popular win, it was impossible to ignore the hard-luck story of Brenton and Chez. While they won cash prizes of nearly $90,000 for challenges across the series, most of the money was invested back into renovations for their property. It was a show of spirit that saw them smiling with the winners Neisha and John at the end of the episode.

Nine's revived series hasn't quite hit the ratings glory of its first series in 2003, but it has been successful and is already approved to return in 2011.

If you are prepared to devote your time and energy to renovations -- and potentially walking away with nothing -- then you can apply for the next series at The Block's website.

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Nov 28, 2010
fantastic, Chez and Brenton are as worthless as their resulting home