Someone Does Die in Doctor Who's Sixth Season

We knew it was coming, we’d been warned multiple times: the Silence will fall. For months we’ve been theorising what this could mean, and now the wait is almost over. At the launch of Doctor Who’s sixth season last night Matt Smith confirmed: “that’s what this series is going to uncover for The Doctor.” Indeed, there are a lot of questions to be answered this series. Not least, the matter of a main character death teased by Steven Moffat in the official Doctor Who magazine.

"One of those four people is going to die," Moffat revealed, referring to The Doctor and his companions Amy, Rory and River Song. He's not lying either; one of them does die in the season opener. But given that at least two of the four have already died once, and are now back from the dead, we're keeping our sceptical fez on.

Nothing's simple in Doctor Who and people are often brought back to life in some form or another. Inevitably, this leads the way for even more questions and the start of this season asks a whopper, one we'll no doubt be waiting on for a rather long time.

One thing you will get an explanation to this Easter is who and what The Silence is. And it's terrifying. Doctor Who might be a children's show, but it's still capable of giving adults the chills. Moffat is particularly good at frightening all age groups: he's already created The Weeping Angels, arguably the scariest Doctor Who alien of all time, and this season he's outdone even that. We suggest you prepare yourself with a look at this trailer.

The upcoming series is described as the "darkest yet" by Moffat, and from what we've seen we'd have to agree. The familiar humour is still intact but, in the first two episodes at least, the atmosphere is overshadowed by an overwhelming sense of dread.

What are you looking forward to this coming season and who do you think will die?

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