Someone Made the Community 8-Bit Video Game for Real

Six seasons and a movie and a video game! Well, that last part now taken care of. Community treated gamers (hate that term) to a delight with the Season 3 episode "Digital Estate Planning," a loving tribute to the old-school days of 8-bit video games that saw the study group reduced to mere pixels. Someone somewhere said, "Man that would be so awesome if someone actually made that game because I would load my bong and play that shiz allllll dizzzay!" Well Mr. Someone Somewhere, call your dealer BECAUSE IT IS AN AMAZING REALITY.

Reddit user Derferman (you are awesome, btw) got his coding skills in order and made "Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne," the same game Jeff, Annie, Britta, Pierce, Troy, Abed, Shirley, and Gilbert Lawson all played to compete for Cornelius Hawthorne's inheritance. He actually made it. The game, complete with 8-bit Community theme and all.

The game is still in super-beta stage at the moment, with just a few of the levels featured in the episode, but the attention to detail so far is mind-blowing. There's no entering rooms yet (sorry, no torching the blacksmith and his wife), no Hilda, no boss levels, and no a lot of other things, but those will be added in a later update. However, Derferman did add a few things not featured in the episode, including new costumes for characters (head to the more options tab on the character select screen). Brittasaurus Rex is SO ADORABLE.

Here's the original thread with update notes, user praise, and download links. Or you can just download by clicking the links below:

(Note: We're not responsible for the contents of these downloads! If you download one of these and run the program and it starts World War III, it's your fault! In other words, download at your own risk. Also, I only tested out the Mac version, which ran beautifully.)

Mac (OS X)
Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit

I already tried the Konami code and got nothin'. Now will someone please make the Community video game where Dan Harmon never got fired?

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