Sons of Anarchy Gets a Well-Deserved Pickup

... FX has done the right thing and ordered a fourth season of Sons of Anarchy, which is solidifying its place as one of TV's best dramas with its most consistent season to date. Let's recap the best parts so far: A murdered caregiver was "cleaned up" by a creepy Stephen King, Jax bashed a guy's face into the asphalt until it was Silly Putty, Gemma stabbed a man in the groin, and a buck-naked Tig was shot while doing the nasty by an old man with dementia. Fun for the whole family! [FX via press release]

... Angus T. Jones, the half man in CBS' Two and a Half Men, turns 17 today. And he's guaranteed to make $7.8 million over the next two seasons plus a $500,000 signing bonus. For my 17th birthday, I got a card and a pair of hand-me-down socks. [TMZ]

... We've seen stars dance, we've seen them pitch business ideas, we've seen them in the circus—but have we ever seen them bowl? A company is shopping around Stars & Strikes, a show featuring A-listers like Flavor Flav and Antonio Sabato Jr. bowling. How does Hollywood continue to come up with such amazing ideas? [Variety]

... USA has announced the return dates for a few of its shows. White Collar returns January 18, and Royal Pains returns January 20. New series Fairly Legal, a legal drama starring Sarah Shahi (meow!), will be paired with Royal Pains. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Pretty Little Liars has added to its cast, bringing on Tyler Blackburn (Days of Our Lives) as a "bad boy" and Alona Tal (Supernatural's Jo—also meow!) as a problem for one of the girls. When are they going to add the character who is well-mannered, generous, and a real problem solver? [MTV]

... Finally, stunt casting that makes sense. Modern Family is booking super villain Danny Trejo (Machete—triple meow!) to play the menacing janitor at Luke's school. Claire (Julie Bowen) will tangle with him with unexpected results. [TV Guide]

... Syfy has given Haven a second-season pickup. [Syfy via press release]

... You Americans love your football! So far this season, more people have tuned into NFL games than ever before, with an average of 18.9 million viewers per game. Now if the New York Jets cover their four-point spread this Monday over the dismal Minnesota Vikings, Daddy's gonna be a rich man! [LA Times]

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