Sons of Anarchy Renewed for Season 6

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Following its 99-percent awesome Season 4, Sons of Anarchy will keep its tires spinning for at least two more seasons. FX has renewed the biker drama for a sixth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show had already been renewed for a fifth season, last October.

The deal also includes a nice security blanket for series creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter, who actually signed a three-year deal with Twentieth Century Fox TV and FX Productions. That means Sons of Anarchy could easily go seven seasons (and the rumor is that it will, and that Season 7 will be the show's last) if it continues to perform well. The deal also says Sutter can work on more projects for the cable network or try his hand at broadcast through Twentieth Century Fox TV.

This is just how FX rolls, and if you ask me, it's THE way to go with television. Ensuring at least two future seasons of a television program gives show creators the breathing room they need to tell the stories they wanted to tell in the first place. FX appreciates that television is an art, and the people who create it are artists. Is it any wonder that we always drool over almost every program on the channel? And is it any wonder that those who work for FX love the creative freedom?

Though I'd love to see Kurt Sutter's Twitter explode should he have to deal with broadcast network execs, his best bet is to stay at FX once Sons of Anarchy rides off into the sunset.

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