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Sorry, Italy, Jersey Shore Is Headed Your Way

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First of all, don't come up in here saying, "Psshhhh... Jersey Shore is garbage! Only morons watch." Because we know you watch Jersey Shore. Heck, EVERYONE watches Jersey Shore. Each week it sets record ratings, so just go with it. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. I'm man enough to do it. Well, that and I have no sense of shame after watching ABC's Bachelor Pad. (God that show is so amazing!)

Those of you who've tuned into the third season of MTV's hit know this: It's been awesome so far. A lot of this has to do with the show's location. Jersey Shore belongs in Jersey, where the Guidoest of the Guidos can out-Guido even real Guidos, yet still be among Guidos. In Miami, Snooki and company were spectacles, standing out among the South Florida crowd—and they were treated as such. It just didn't work. The show needs to stay in Jersey.

Unless... MTV sends them to Italy. About a year ago, I suggested five places to which MTV should consider sending the cast, and the one legitimate destination I mentioned was Italy. MTV has made my dreams come true. There will be a fourth season of Jersey Shore, and it will see the cast head to the home of chicken parmigiana, Ferraris, and fine leather craftsmanship.

This is the next best thing to dropping Vanilla Ice off in 1990s Compton. How will real Fernet Branca-sipping Italians react to this bastardized version of Italian culture dripping with Hurricane shots? Does Italy even have places to fake-tan? How do you say "deported, never to return again" in Italian?

Filming is set to start this spring, so all you Situation stalkers had better book your flights now. Season 4 will begin later this year.

How do you expect Italians to react to the cast members of Jersey Shore?

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