South Park could end with a movie

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The sad reality is this: South Park will eventually end. However, don't expect Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny to go away with a black screen for 15 seconds or be thrown into a Latham, Massachusetts, jail. Creator Trey Parker is leaning towards a more glamorous farewell: a sendoff on the big screen.

"We talked about maybe some day doing a movie to sort of end it all, and that seems like the best idea," Parker told The Los Angeles Times. "That's been a big thought to do the last show as a movie."

The foul-mouthed kids have graced the big screen before, courtesy of 1999's "f***"-filled South Park: Bigger, Louder, & Uncut, but that gem was merely a way for Parker to tap into his love of show tunes and built on an already passionate fan base. The series film finale would have to be the mother lode of all genius South Park ideas--and Parker and cocreator Matt Stone already thought they had that very idea.

"We came up with this pretty good idea for a movie, and then of course what happened was we got in the middle of a South Park run, and were completely out of ideas," explained Parker. "And we were like, well, we've got to use the movie idea. And that became [the three-part episode] 'Imaginationland.'"

As of now, there doesn't appear to be any end on the horizon for South Park, so don't expect a movie from Parker and Stone any time soon--be it South Park-related or not. The duo's last film, Team America, ended up becoming a much more arduous task than initially thought and "killed the movie spirit" in them.

No complaints here if we have to just endure more South Park instead.

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