Southland Is Saved... Again

You have the right to remain... on the air! Har, har. Southland was picked up for a third season by TNT today, crossing one more program off the "bubble show" list.

Season 3 of the cop drama—different from other cop shows because of its grittiness—will run 10 episodes and begin sometime early next year. The fact that the show even got a second season is something of a miracle, as it was unceremoniously dumped by NBC before its Season 2 premiere, probably because of the same thing that made Southland different... its grittiness. (That, and to make room for the now-defunct Jay Leno Show.)

Southland generally received positive reviews after its debut, but the ratings just weren't there as the season progressed. Which is probably best for all parties, as Southland is certainly a better fit for non-network television.

Southland follows Los Angeles police officers in the line of duty and stars Benjamin McKenzie, Tom Everett Scott, Regina King, and Michael Cudlitz.

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