Southland Renewed for Season 5

After a few false alarms, TNT has officially renewed its cop drama Southland for a fifth season. The series will return in February 2013 for 10 episodes.

It's pretty amazing that the show has made it so far, given its history. Southland actually started out on NBC, where it debuted to big enough ratings that I wrote an article titled "Can Southland save NBC?" The network was already well into its current struggles, and here was Southland, a great police drama that came in like gangbusters.

But the ratings slipped and slipped, and NBC killed the show midway through production of its second season because it was deemed "too gritty." It should also be mentioned that this happened around the time that NBC was clearing space in the 10pm hour for the late-night-in-primetime The Jay Leno Show. Tee hee. Thankfully, TNT saw merit in Southland's grittiness and threw the series a lifeline; Seasons 2, 3, and 4 all aired on TNT.

Let's shoot our guns in the air in excitement in the comments!

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