Space Ghost designer dies

Alex Toth, the influential artist who gave Zorro and Space Ghost their distinctive looks, died of heart failure on May 27, at age 77. Toth was reportedly at his drawing table in his Burbank home when he passed away.

Toth began drawing comics in the 40s, working on the DC titles Green Lantern, Zorro, and Dr. Mid-Nite. In the late 1960s, Toth worked on the Saturday morning TV cartoon version of DC's Super Friends. It was during this time Toth helped develop the characters of Space Ghost and Jonny Quest.

Both Space Ghost and Jonny Quest are remembered fondly by superhero and cartoon lovers the world over. Jonny Quest told the story of kid adventurer Jonny Quest and his sidekick Haji as they constantly uncovered dastardly plots to take over the world. Space Ghost featured the title character fighting the evil Zorak, a praying mantis-type alien who was bent on galactic domination.

The Space Ghost character was resurrected by Cartoon Network as a tongue-in-cheek late-night talk show called Space Ghost Coast to Coast. On the show, Ghost's arch enemy Zorak stars as a kvetching sidekick.

Toth himself hated violence and frequently had misgivings about the violent nature of comic books. Mr. Toth is survived by four children.

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