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"Trigga Gots No Heart"
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Without question one of the most influential West Coast emcees to ever touch a mic, Spice 1 is an undisputed O.G. He has been putting out street saavy music for nearly 20 years now, and has amassed a large collection of gold and platinum plaques.

He was opening for N.W.A. while still in high school, and an early connection with Too Short brought him his first major label deal back in the early 1990s. Over the years he has dropped countless classic singles and albums, and worked with practically every Cali superstar you can think of, especially local players like E-40, Tupac, and MC Eiht.

Now recording independently, he continues to release new material at a breakneck pace. He was slowed down a bit after being shot last winter, but is now fully recovered and back on his grind. Currently he is working with his new crew Game Bangers, and preparing the release of his latest full-length Home Street Home.

We recently caught up with Spice in Hayward, for this rare exclusive interview. Check it out.

For more on Spice 1, head over to his website, here.

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