Spin-Offs: The Closer, The L Word

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TNT has decided that CSI and Law & Order shouldn't own the market on television spin-offs. The basic-cable network is looking at spinning off its bit hit The Closer, says The Hollywood Reporter.

There are no details on the project yet, which is currently going by the tentative name The Fixer. The thought is that the show could either feature an existing character or branch out with an all-new crew, like other locale-specific procedurals.

In The Closer, Kyra "one degree of Kevin Bacon" Sedgwick stars as a Los Angeles police deputy assigned to big-time cases. The show is currently in its fourth season.

At the summer TCA press tour, Showtime announced that fans hadn't heard the last of The L Word, even though the show was given an end date next year. Showtime is spinning off the lesbian drama, but details had been mum until now.

According to Variety, actress Leisha Hailey will reprise her role as Alice and be the centerpiece of the spin-off. There's no word yet on when the program will air, but production is scheduled for December.

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