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Have you ever buried your head under the covers and tried to jump back into that dream of flying free over your city's rooftops? Wished you could gain access to other people's most secret thoughts? Thought about what might happen if you woke up one day to find you were blessed with supernatural powers? Heroes, one of this fall's most highly anticipated dramas, shows us what happens when a group of ordinary people are suddenly plunged into the world of superheroes. Check out these great video clips for a taste of this exciting new series, and don't forget to tune in to NBC on Monday, September 25, at 9:00 p.m. for the television debut of Heroes! on the Set of Heroes's Stephanie Quay pays a visit to the set of NBC's highly anticipated fall series, Heroes.

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Heroes Promo

Get a taste of Heroes, and listen in as the cast and crew talk about the concept and creation.

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Mohinder Suresh

Sendhil Ramamurthy talks about how his character plays a role in all of the supernatural events in Heroes.

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Claire Bennet

Hayden Panettiere talks about her invincible character, Claire Bennet.

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Hiro Nakamura

Masi Oka talks about how different his character is when compared to the others.

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Milo Ventimiglia

Peter Petrelli talks about his character's gift: the power of flight.

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Niki Sanders

Ali Larter talks about her character, Niki Sanders, and explains her special powers.

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Cheerleader (Episode Clip)

A cheerleader attempts an 80-foot freefall drop. Go team?

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