Stamos signs on for two shifts in the ER

In a statement released by NBC this Monday, the network announced that John Stamos (of Full House fame) will drop by the ER set for a two-episode guest stint. He will appear in the role of a Gulf War veteran who is employed as a paramedic while working his way through medical school.

Earlier this year, E! Online columnist Kristin Veitch reported that Stamos would become a permanent character on ER once his ill-rated freshman sitcom Jake in Progress was canceled. The plan was axed, however, when Jake received a last-minute stay of execution from ABC, tying Stamos to another season as New York publicist Jake Phillips.

"I'm a big fan of the show and [executive producer] John Wells, and we have been trying to work together for a long time," Stamos told the Hollywood Reporter. "I appreciate that everyone was able to work it out so I could do this great guest spot on ER in time to start the second season of Jake in Progress."

As detailed in separate statements released by NBC, Stamos will be joined on ER by fellow newcomers John Leguizamo (House of Buggin') and Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From the Sun). Leguizamo will appear in 12 episodes as Dr. Ernesto Clemente, "a dynamic supervising physician who shakes up the ER with unconventional ideas and cutting-edge technology," while Johnston will take the recurring role of Eve Peyton, "an inscrutable and unflappable nurse manager who's on a mission to whip the department into shape."

Stamos' ER appearances, set for November 10 and 17, will coincide with the crucial "fall sweeps" period, when local ad rates are determined by shows' ratings. Perhaps NBC hopes that his considerable star power will help draw viewers to an aging series with a noticeable void left by recently departed star Noah Wyle, who had been with the show longer than any of its other actors.

ER will launch its 12th season on Thursday, September 22. Jake in Progress will return to ABC as a midseason replacement in January 2006.

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