Star Trek: Discovery Mega Buzz: The Mirror Universe Will Reopen Old Wounds

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Now that Star Trek: Discovery has finally entered the Mirror Universe, members of our fearless crew will be forced to deal with the ghosts of their past, and in Ash Tyler's case (Shazad Latif), this may be enough to push him past the point of no return.

A face-to-face encounter with someone from Tyler's past will reopen old wounds he is not equipped to deal with just yet. This unexpected meeting, though important, will jeopardize not only his life and that of Burnham's (Sonequa Martin-Green), but the Discovery's mission as a whole.

Further complicating things is a game-changing appearance by someone who will throw Burnham way off her game. Brace yourself, this week's episode is a doozy.

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Jan 13, 2018
Oh god not the way-over-used Mirror Universe. How long 'til the annoying time-travel episodes and some moron invents a holodeck? then comes the Borg & the Q... Seriously, revisiting things that were neat at first and then done-to-death over the run of TNG-DS9-VOY-ENT is not a way to get me to fork over money for this show on DVD someday. (I'm refusing on principle to watch it right now. I do not pay for teevee)