Star Trek moves along space-time continuum

All you space geeks out there have been given a few more months to get your Starfleet Academy uniforms pressed, Vulcan ears reshaped, and tribbles fluffed.

Paramount Studios has delayed the release date of the feature film Star Trek from Christmas of this year to May 8, 2009, according to Variety. If the studio is to be believed, the move was purely financial. Paramount believes the flick will perform better as a summer blockbuster rather than a holiday diversion.

The movie is being entrusted to producer extraordinaire J.J. Abrams (Cloverfield, Lost, Alias), who will direct. An adaptation of the original series of the venerable science-fiction franchise, Star Trek follows Captain Kirk through his younger days as a Starfleet Academy greenhorn.

The cast includes Chris Pine as Kirk, Heroes' Zachary Quinto as Spock, Simon Pegg as Scotty, and John Cho as Sulu. For more on the movie, including the recently released teaser trailer, head over to MovieTome.

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