Star Wars: The Clone Wars "To Catch a Jedi" Review: Tenement Funster

Star Wars: The Clone Wars S05E19: "To Catch a Jedi"

Following her escape from the prison ward, Ahsoka leaped into the lower depths of Coruscant to both elude the Jedi Council and the Republic military and to search for those who framed her. "To Catch a Jedi" was an exciting episode, even if it wasn't the most compelling one in terms of furthering a mystery, or letting Ahsoka do some investigating of her own. Which is a tad frustrating, since this arc started with some solid investigative impulses. But Ahsoka was left with few resources and even fewer leads to follow, and thus the engine of the episode was really Barriss feeding Ahsoka intel.

This turn of events more or less telegraphs Barriss as being involved in the Jedi Temple explosion, a notion that came up in the comments last week. She easily had an address about where the nanobots came from, and since she was the only one who knew where Ahsoka was going to be, it seems more likely than not that Barriss was the one who ambushed Ventress, stole the ex-Sith apprentice’s helmet and lightsabers, and then dueled Ahsoka in the warehouse long enough for Anakin and his clone troopers to arrive on the scene.

Which pretty much kills my “Palpatine's behind it all” theory (sigh), even if it is something that can ultimately be turned to his advantage (given the splashy trial promo we got for next week, it likely will turn out that way). I’m not even that concerned with why Barriss did it, provided she did do it, but I do want to know how Anakin is going to figure everything out, and what kind of impact this arc will have on Ahsoka’s standing in the series. Next week is the final episode of the season, and the final episode for for the foreseeable future while the fate of the series is worked out, and it would pretty much be the worst thing for next week’s episode to end on cliffhanger.

"To Catch a Jedi" did have some nifty action sequences that buffed much of the episode. The chase through the rail cars was well-staged, particularly the bit that was done in a single take from behind Ahsoka. The free-falling elevator set piece was nicely upended as the child thought to hit the emergency brake while Ahsoka tried to do something more complicated with her lightsaber, giving a little bit of levity to the episode. The lightsaber duel in the abandoned munitions warehouse was all fiery and ominous, and so looked pretty cool even if the moment didn’t exactly warrant all of that.

But the episode's real highlight may've been its artistic design and small directorial touches. There was a real consistency from the garish neon to the rundown interior of the rails that played up the less-than-inviting atmosphere of the lower levels of Coruscant. It felt decidedly different from what we normally see of Coruscant, and I liked that the episode took the time to show that transition from top to bottom. And the lower levels were clearly cold, given how Ahsoka and Ventress kept hugging themselves in an effort to stay warm. Even if the narrative didn’t really excite me, it was a nice episode visually.

What'd you think of "To Catch a Jedi"?

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