Stars see stars on Walk of Fame

Film critic Roger Ebert and Judge Judy Sheindlin are just two of the television celebrities who are getting their own stars on Hollywood's fabled Walk of Fame. Other TV folk included are Ray Romano, Vanna White, and Deadwood creator David Milch.

In the '70s, Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel pioneered the "bickering critic" television show format with their Chicago PBS program Sneak Previews. Later they both went on to the syndicated hit Siskel and Ebert at the Movies. Gene Siskel passed away in 1999.

Judith Sheindlin is the titular character in the long-running reality courtroom show Judge Judy. Ray Romano is the star of the recently retired sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, and Vanna White is the toothy letter turner on the game show Wheel of Fortune. David Milch created the gritty cop drama NYPD Blue for ABC and then created the even grittier cowboy drama Deadwood for HBO.

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