Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon are New BFFS

With plenty of help from The Roots, Stephen Colbert is going to perform Rebecca Black's YouTube sensation "Friday" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

It all started earlier this week, when Colbert donated $26,000 to a good cause and announced that Fallon, his "BFF of six months," is matching the sum amount—Fallon, of course, was completely unaware of this. So to avenge his new pal in a cloying (but well-intended) fashion, Fallon made a deal with the folks watching at home that, if we could come up with the $26K by Friday (because Fallon's money is "all tied up in Justin Bieber wigs and hypercolor Soul Patrol sweatshirts"), then Colbert will perform Rebecca Black's so-bad-it's-almost-good hit. (FYI: The $26,000 goal was met this morning.)

Britney Spears performed two numbers outdoors in front of thousands of people on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, but perhaps the most striking JKL moment was seeing resident security guard-cum-show fixture Guillermo clad in an old school Britney getup—middle-aged muscle can get excited over Brit, too, you know—right as Kimmel headed to the green room for an unfunny but forgivable bit on his new fanboy tattoo.

What separates Conan O'Brien's monologues from the rest of late night's isn't so much their jokes, but all the awkward quirks, bunny hops, and flailing gestures that accompany each one-liner. Last night's was no different, as Red whipped up a new move that allows him to avoid transition material altogether. Judging by the crowd's rip-roar, it worked.

There must be some old-school policy at the Ed Sullivan Theatre requiring the audience to be seated at all times, because, no matter how many times Snoop asked for hands in the air, the Late Show with David Letterman's predominately white crowd remained listless. Sure, it's probably no surprise, but it's still pretty funny—especially the blue- and white-striped shirt at 0:12.

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