Steve-O goes camping

You loved him when he fell down the stairs on Jackass. You swooned when he annoyed forest animals on Wildboyz. Now Steve-O will kick the pansy out of men in a twist on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

USA Network has green-lit Camp Steve-O, a pilot from Real World creators Bunim-Murray Productions. Camp Steve-O follows the incorrigible prankster as he makes over various men who are deemed "wussies." According to the network, Steve-O is "a member of a dying breed of live-life-to-the-max daredevils who is disgusted with the alarming number of wussified men."

In an effort to "dewussify" men, Steve-O will travel the US in the ever-present camper van and invade the homes and workplaces of "wimps, nerds, and couch-potatoes." The pathetic losers, who have been nominated by their wives, girlfriends, and mothers, will be forced to perform stunts that will hypothetically turn them into tougher, manlier men.

In July, Steve-O quit the British reality series Love Island after he reportedly became overly emotional and upset other contestants. In May, he appeared drunk and belligerent on The Adam Carolla Show, falling over a chair and putting his foot through a glass tabletop.

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