Steven Cojocaru seeks another kidney

Steven Cojocaru, fashion correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, is in need of a second kidney transplant.

The flamboyant style guru suffers from polycystic kidney disease, a genetic disorder that causes cysts to grow on the kidneys. The cysts replace healthy tissue, reducing the kidneys' functionality and eventually rendering them useless. PKD is the fourth leading cause of renal failure, and about 500,000 Americans have the disease.

An unnamed friend gave Cojocaru a kidney this January in what seemed to be a successful operation. Unfortunately, the organ became infected with a virus that sometimes attacks transplant recipients and had to be removed before it ceased to function.

Cojocaru, whose original kidneys were left untouched after the initial surgery, is recovering at an undisclosed hospital. He has released the following statement: "My spirits have not been dampened in the least. I'll be back to work shortly on the red carpet while I seek the right donor match for a new transplant."

The kidney problems have caused trouble with Cojocaru's career as well as his health. He claims to have been fired from his position on the Today show after discussing his first transplant on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which goes head-to-head with Today in some markets.

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Jun 29, 2005
this guy is so irritating. i mean, i wish him well, but he still grates on me.

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