Stewart + Colbert + Conan + Dancing = Win

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert joined Conan O'Brien on stage last night at Radio City Music Hall—and made everyone's heads explode with happiness.

Larry King was re-dubbed King Larry by Lady Gaga. And it was good.

Yep, another True Blood trailer, this time with werewolves.

Look what I dug out of the ol' Hulu vault! A cute banter session between Castle's Jon Huertas and Tamala Jones.


... The list everyone's talking about: Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years.

... Want your kids to be trendy this summer? Send 'em to a Glee-inspired camp.

... What do you think of Jimmy Kimmel's new product-placement-infused intro?

... Nurse Jackie's Jackie (Edie Falco) just might be TV's awesomest addict.

... Denis Leary, Ray Romano, and Jerry Stiller had a little chat about transitioning from comedy to drama.

... The Scripps National Spelling Bee is this Friday. Are you freaking out yet?

... Sneak a peek at AMC's remake of Walking Dead. Awww, yeah. Zombies.

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I agree with Starprincess13 but being in the US it's the UK sites that block me
I always knew Andy was a gun-wielding madman. Plus, his neighbors describe him as quiet and mild-mannered!
True Blood trailer looks great
It is very annoying when I can't watch certain videos because I'm not in the US.

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