Stowe joins Goldblum in NBC drama

Madeleine Stowe has joined NBC's midseason series Raines, which stars Jeff Goldblum in the title role as an eccentric, brilliant cop who talks to dead victims who help him solve his crimes.

Stowe will play a shrink whom Raines is forced to go see. Their relationship is described as "a battle of wits." Stowe was most recently seen in the CBS TV movie Saving Milly.

In other casting news, Brooke Burns and Earl Billings have joined Judy Greer in ABC's comedy pilot Miss/Guided. Greer plays a woman who returns to her high school alma mater to become a guidance counselor. Burns will play a teacher at the school. Billings will play the school principal.

Burns costarred on the WB Network's short-lived comedy-drama Pepper Dennis. Billings was recently seen in the feature satire Thank You for Smoking.

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Oct 13, 2006
I loved the pilot!
only one thing, Raines doesnt speak with dead people!
Its all in is mind, and he is very intelectual about this. So.....if youre thinking Medium meets a detective show, forget it!
Its just a detective show, with a strange and funny character.
Oct 13, 2006
Raines is an awesome show and i hope it picks up viewers when it premieres around the january lull in broadcasting.

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