Strike almost over?


The writers' strike is pretty much over... Well, maybe.

The Associated Press today is reporting that sources close to the informal discussions between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have progressed to the point that an agreement could be reached later this week.

The two sides have been holding informal talks since late last month in an effort to settle the strike that has brought Hollywood to a halt since November. News has been scarce since the talks began, as a media blackout was implemented at their onset.

The AP cites a pair of anonymous sources as saying that both sides are now going back and forth over the final language of the agreement, but both sides are aiming to have things settled before the Academy Awards, which are scheduled to take place February 24. The Academy Awards ceremony will go on with or without a strike resolution, but an end to the strike would mean a much more star-studded event.

More proof of progress comes from the WGA itself, as the guild has scheduled a meeting this Saturday. Deadline Hollywood has a copy of a letter sent to WGA members from guild presidents that says, "We anticipate that we will be able to present the terms of [a tentative] agreement to you in the next few days."

At the heart of the strike were issues over revenues from digital media, such as online streaming of shows and sales of episodes over online stores such as iTunes. Writers are also asking for an increased share of DVD sales. Several small studios, including Lionsgate (which produces Weeds and Mad Men), have made independent interim agreements with the WGA, but none of the majors have budged.

Even with WGA heads penning a tentative agreement, the rest of the guild--which includes a faction that doesn't want to make any allowances--still needs to approve it.

It may not be a final resolution, but at least it is progress--and good news in an otherwise dreary strike.

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