Striking writers mess with Carson


When Carson Daly made the high-profile decision to cross the Writers Guild of America picket line and return to work on Last Call with Carson Daly, many striking union members hissed. Though Daly says his intentions were simply to give his crew their jobs back--they would have been laid off had he not opted to return--there was little doubt that there would be some form of retaliation from writers or supporters of the strike.

That retaliation hit Tuesday night, according to LA Weekly's Nikki Finke. According to a post on her blog (which is quickly becoming the epicenter of the WGA strike), several well-known writers sat in "incognito" for a taping of the show until they caused a scene in a successful attempt to disrupt the production.

According to sources, one writer started it off by heckling Daly during an interview with NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, telling Daly he "needed a writer" to ask better questions. Security quickly escorted the writer out, and Daly attempted to restart the interview.

When a frazzled Daly began the interview again, another writer allegedly stood up and shouted, "I feel so bad for the striking writers! Can I please leave?" He also pointed out that Daly was using cue cards, and asked who was providing the dialogue. That writer and two friends were then booted out of the studio.

With Rice confused and Daly shaken, one of the show's reps issued threats to the audience, saying any further disruptors would be prosecuted and told any other WGA members intent on heckling Daly to leave. Several members of the audience then stood up and walked out of the room.

Though the strike has mostly been peaceful, there have been some instances of WGA members causing havoc on sets. In the early days of the strike, the filming of an episode of CBS' Cane had to be shut down when writers intentionally chanted, screamed, and used a bullhorn near a location shot. Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and Ellen DeGeneres have both been the target of verbal attacks by picketers for resuming work after the strike began.

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