Suits Exclusive Video: Harvey Wasn't Kidding About Mike Getting His Sh*t Together, and Now He's Pissed

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Suits kicked off the remainder of its second season last week with quite an episode for Mike, who weaseled his way into the case of the week even though Harvey told him to sit it out and, despite his efforts to sabotage his client, his mentor, and even the firm as a whole in the name of proving once and for all that he is the most moral of the bunch, was again protected by the influence of Harvey and Jessica's reach. But even though the war with Daniel is over, things aren't all quiet on the Pearson Hardman front. We've got an exclusive clip from tonight's episode, "Blood in the Water," and Harvey is NOT pleased with Mike's behavior...

If we were you, we'd do what he says, Mike. Harvey doesn't appear to be messing around.

Suits airs tonight at 10pm on USA.

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