Suits "Normandy" Review: Revenge Is the Best Revenge

Suits S02E15: “Normandy”

YOU GUYS, I’m not ready for Season 2 to end. I feel like we just got back into the swing of things and now it’s time to pack it all up just as Hardman finally gets the smackdown he so deliciously deserves. It looks like Mike and Rachel are making their way back to Bonerville, though, so maybe this IS a good time to quit. Harvard fizzled out like a failed science project, so Rachel has returned to being sad and unworthy. I know it would have been too happily-ever-after for Rachel to get into her dream school and the logistics of keeping the Rachel character involved with the firm when she’s supposed to be stressing over finals in Boston would probably have stretched the limits of believability, but ugh, now what? More crying. More self-worth issues. More clinging to Mike for validation and probably sexytimes. It would be too much to ask for her to take Louis up on his offer to writer a letter of recommendation, right?

However, Rachel-related headaches aside, I like the position “Normandy” leaves us in as we head into next week’s finale—Hardman is outdone, but Harvey still isn’t slated to make partner. Not really. Not on his terms. Strapped for cash in the middle of Hardman’s onslaught, Pearson-Hardman teamed up with Dana Scott’s firm to bulk up their resources for a final stand. Unbeknownst to Harvey, that temporary pairing stood to become permanent once Hardman’s name had finally been stripped from the lobby, and when Harvey learned the truth, he wasn’t terribly thrilled with the possible arrangement.

Which begs the question: Is anyone, really? Outside of Dana, who was promised her name on the wall by her boss if the merger went through. And her boss, I guess, given his nifty reward for Dana’s role in everything. Harvey’s displeasure was a given, but I’m stuck on Jessica. Last week, it was all about how Pearson-Whatever is HER firm and SHE’S the boss and it’s HER name on the door, etc. and so forth. Teaming up with Darby provided money when it was desperately needed and a convenient way to reveal Hardman’s embezzlement without breaking the confidentiality agreement. I just kind of have a feeling Jessica was using Darby. What do you think?

For all the references to President Eisenhower’s concentrated efforts on Normandy Beach in 1944—the inspiration for Pearson-Blahblah’s attack on Hardman, and the episode’s namesake—“Normandy” had a disjointed feel to the narrative. With 45 cases in need of attention and seven of them demanding immediate acknowledgement, Pearson-(insert name here) was buzzing like a beehive in mid-summer. Harvey took to the skies with Scottie, attempting to outsmart Hardman by focusing on the least obvious case first (and also having giggly Learjet sex, which I imagine is like banging in the penthouse of the Mile High Club). Back in New York, Mike and Katrina vied for Queen Bee Jessica’s favor and things got nasty. OMG HATE U, KATRINA.

I was questioning that a few weeks ago: To hate or not to hate? I’m firmly on Team Hate. Girl was just obnoxious, and for as ham-fisted as her line about Rachel “just” being a paralegal was, it wasn’t exactly out of character. Gross. I would have rather had Louis’s anal-retentive wunderkind from earlier in this season. At least she was amusing in addition to insufferable.

Despite stealing each others’ ideas all night long, Katrina and Mike managed to cobble together a strong case against Folsom Foods. Surprise! They really are gender-discriminating bastards! They lose. Hardman loses. All is well...

...except not really. Harvey is too pissed off about the impending merger to be happy about, you know, not losing his entire firm to the antichrist of law. Rachel isn’t going to Harvard, so she’s back to relying on Mike for purpose. I’m still having a hard time liking Jessica this season, and I don’t know what to make of Scottie and her firm just benevolently sweeping in to throw money around like confetti. Hardman’s story is apparently resolved, but all is far from quiet on the Western front and yes I know that book is about the first World War, not the second one.

At one point in all of this chaos, my fiance asked, “Does anyone still care that Mike never actually went to Harvard?” (He’s been out of the loop this season.)

To which I replied, “Only during finales.”

Mike hasn’t had a lot of action during this second half of the season. I could be wrong, but I’m assuming a merger opens up the possibility to learn all kinds of dirty little secrets about each side of the union. Harvey is out to ruin the new marriage before the paperwork is even drawn up. Common sense tends to take a backseat to OMG PROTECT MIKE’S SECRET. Idk. I’m just spitballin’ here.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Where do you think next week’s finale will leave us?


– Katrina: “I’m a fifth year.” Mike: “Well I work with Harvey.” Me: “OMG hate u both.”

– Is it over? Is it REALLY over? (Meaning Hardman.)

– I really like Louis. He’s so used to taking one for the team that it’s almost instinctual at this point. He didn’t have shoulder the blame for Rachel’s rejection, but it was sweet of him.

– I’m glad that Rachel wasn’t rejected due to some revenge conspiracy concocted by Sheila to get back at Louis, but it kinda bothers me that this show constantly asks us to suspend disbelief to justify Mike’s place at Pearson-Placeholder, accept that Harvey comes with a similar diamond-in-the-rough backstory, that the firm is staffed by all of these amazingly talented, brilliant people... and yet even though Rachel has kept up with them time and time again she’s juuuuust short of being “good enough.” Always. I’m all for realism on TV, but Rachel’s run-of-the-mill rejection just sends a weird (crappy) message about her place on the show.

– That Meghan Markle PSA should have preceded the episode. It would have been hilarious. For the record, I agree with and support EVERYTHING she said. But still, hilarious. Once you deliberately acknowledge the parallels between the PSA and the episode at hand, you’re in “Very Special Episode” territory, my friend.

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