Suits "Zane vs. Zane" Review: Daddy Issues

Suits S02E13: “Zane vs. Zane”

"Zane vs. Zane" felt like an early episode of Suits and I mean that in the good way. Things have (mostly) been smoothed over with Louis, Pearson Hardman fended off an attack from another firm and has slowly begun the process of healing in the aftermath of the Hardman debacle. We opened to Harvey and Mike shooting wastebasket hoops in Harvey’s office, a prank war consumed Louis, Donna, and new girl Katrina for most of their storyline, and the majority of this week’s drama and conflict manifested on a personal level between Rachel Zane and her father, played by guest-star Wendell Pierce (HI, BUNK!).

“Zane vs. Zane” was also a great episode for finally allowing Rachel to come into her own as a character beyond her role as Mike’s dream girl. We knew that she came from a well-to-do family with lawyerin’ blood in it, that there was some frustration on her family’s part that she was “only” a paralegal. In “Zane vs. Zane” we learned that Robert Zane was a legendary partner at a competing firm... who had recently taken on a case against Harvey.

Rachel immediately asked for a spot on Harvey’s team because she wanted to stick it to daddy. Mike was apprehensive because he knew what the point of this episode was going to be, but Harvey was firmly on Team Rachel because WINNING.

It went about as well as you’d think. The case in question was a gender discrimination suit against Folsom Foods on behalf of a woman who claimed that she was repeatedly passed up for a promotion purely because she had a vajayjay. Harvey decided to have Rachel in the room during Daddy Dearest’s deposition of their client, Sloane Mosely, thinking Lawyer Bunk would ease off on the inquisition if his daughter was watching. Zane, however, was a professional, and he had a job to do, so he tore into Sloane and questioned her qualifications/life choices/hair color/what she had for breakfast—you get the idea. Rachel, less professionally, took it all to heart and moped.

Last week, Louis highlighted Harvey’s inability to separate the personal from the professional and we got a little more of that this week with his willingness to use Rachel against her father. It’s true that she asked him to do it, but that right there was a sort of line that, even though Rachel was willing to cross it, it might have been in Harvey’s best interest to keep her from leaping over. Rather than unnerve Robert Zane and guarantee Pearson Hardman certain victory, the decision to pit him against Rachel enraged him and only made him work harder to screw Harvey and the firm—and their client by extension.

Negotiations crumbled to the point that the case was sent to trial and during the course of their research, Mike and Rachel uncovered another 113 women from Folsom Foods who were denied promotions. Their files all contained the same recurring coded words meant to cover up the fact that Folsom was indeed disqualifying female workers on the grounds of... being female. Classy! Undeterred, Papa Zane forged ahead and offered to merge with Pearson Hardman rather than take the mess to court. Jessica LOVED that idea. She loved it so much that she knowingly tied up a buttload of firm assets to handle the workload just to shove it in Zane’s face. Zane passed the case on to... Daniel Hardman. And here I thought we’d put all that behind us.

Whatever, this is gonna be FUN. I've missed that smarmy bastard.

What did you think of Rachel’s daddy woes?


– Donna Paulsen sass of the week: “I’m remembered fondly everywhere.” <3 you.

– Louis’s binder of himself photoshopped onto different presidents’ heads was amazing and beautiful and I need to own it. NEED.

– “Speech #162: 14 Reasons Why I’m an Asshole.” Lol.

– Are we supposed to like Katrina? I don’t think I like Katrina, although watching her get the best of Louis was amazing. They’re kind of awesome together in that they’re both awful people.

– Donna was impressed that Louis knew who Zod was. I was more impressed that DONNA knew who Zod was and knew enough to be alarmed by the idea that Louis thought he was the Zod to Harvey’s Superman... although when he put it like that, I was inclined to agree.

– Two episodes in a row full of merger/name-change talk. What do you think Pearson Hardman will be called by the end of the season?

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