Summer of Simpsons

The Simpson sisters, Ashlee and Jessica, were previously content with simply singing and starring in their own television reality shows. Now, they are set to take up residence across movie theater screens this summer.

This August, Jessica takes over the role of Daisy Duke in the big-screen version of The Dukes of Hazzard. The role of the short-shorted vixen was made famous in the '70s by Catherine Bach. If only Catherine had been such a multitalented hyphenate!

Kid sister Ashlee is making her "above the title" debut in Undiscovered. In the film, she plays an aspiring actress who wants to sing. That's art imitating life, but with a twist! Ashlee has plenty of previous acting experience, as she had a small role in the Rob Schneider comedy The Hot Chick and appeared on the television series 7th Heaven.

Verily, these golden girls are shining brightly on the silver screen!

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