Super Bowl XLI

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Visit our Commercial Battle Feature to watch Super Bowl XLI commercials!

The Chicago Bears were soundly defeated by the Indianapolis Colts in the year's most glorious football game: the Super Bowl. We here at may not know a whole lot about sports, but we do know our television--and the Super Bowl is one of the small screen's biggest events. Whether you're a rabid football enthusiast or just in it for the halftime show, we're sure you welcomed the opportunity to pull out the snacks and hit the couch.

Of course, one of the best things about the Super Bowl isn't related to the game itself. TV fans everywhere know that Super Bowl commercial space is a hot commodity, and advertisers engage in a yearly struggle to outdo each other with huge budgets, hilarious jokes, steamy situations, high-tech effects, and more. These commercials are highly entertaining and likely kept you glued to the screen instead of running to the fridge for another helping of potato salad. Of course, if you did miss a commercial break--or just want to watch your favorites over and over is here to help. We've posted all those fabulous ads for you to view and vote on!

Check out our Commercial Battle Feature to get your fill of this year's ads. Once you're done with those, why not revisit some of last year's awesome Super Bowl commercials? Check out users' three favorites here, or visit last year's feature for even more.

Last Year's Favorites:

Winner: Bud Light - Magic Fridge

Did you have a Super Bowl party last year? Did your friends chug all your beer? Budweiser gives you a plan to hide your stash this year...but beware the Magic Fridge; it could backfire!

2nd Place: FedEx - The Caveman

The bossman doesn't care if you're a caveman with a package to ship, and FedEx hasn't been invented yet. Think outside of the box and get the job done! Life without FedEx is so primitive.

3rd Place: Budweiser - Streaking

This just in: The lost art of streaking makes its way to the animal kingdom. Animals are ecstatic; cowboys are disturbed and try to block the scene from memory.

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