Super Bowl XLII

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Visit our Commercial Battle Feature to watch Super Bowl XLII commercials!

The formerly undefeated New England Patriots surrendered the coveted Super Bowl trophy to the New York Giants on Sunday, and fans worldwide are still talking about the game. staff freely admits that we'd be less than useless as players in an actual sporting competition, but we sure are great at sitting on the couch and watching one. And if we paid more attention to those big-budget commercials than to the game itself, can you blame us? A far cry from the usual "buy this now" snoozers, Super Bowl ads feature riotous humor, ridiculous plots, cool special effects, and the occasional sexy time.

Join us on Super Sunday as we watch the game, down some beers, and post all those special commercials for you to view repeatedly before passing judgment in our Commercial Battle poll. It all gets started on Sunday, February 3, at 6:30 p.m. EST, so get ready now by stocking up on snacks, buying new batteries for the remote, and making sure your laptop power cord is long enough to reach the couch.

While you're waiting for the big day, we've posted a few preview commercials for you to check out here, and visit last year's feature for even more.

Pre-Game Pepsi Spot:

Pepsi - Bob's House

Pepsico brings you a silent commercial in representation of a diverse audience.

Last Year's Favorites:

2007 Winner: Bud Light - Paper, Rock, Scissors

Bud Light puts a brand-new spin on an old-fashioned game. Ouch!

2007 2nd Place: Blockbuster Video - Mouse Clicking

You're just a mouse click away from a better way to rent movies.

2007 3rd Place: Bud Light - Wedding

Bud Light skips the boring stuff to get right to the most important part of a wedding.

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