Supernatural: The Apocalypse is Paris Hilton

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Don't shoot the messenger! The CW's Supernatural, its hidden gem among a pile of rubbish, isn't known to stoop so low as to resort to stunt casting. But according to an online report, things are about to change ... in a BIG way.

Supernatural fans, you may want to sit down before you read this. E! Online is reporting that the horror-drama will be welcoming a special guest star in episode five of the upcoming season. That guest? The Dutchess of douchery herself, Paris Hilton.

E!'s source on the matter says fans shouldn't sharpen their pitchforks yet. "The fans should trust Eric Kripke," claims the source, referring to Supernatural's creator and showrunner.

And the source may have a point. Season five is all about the apocalypse, and at Comic-Con, Kripke gave an example of what the end of the world might include: "Sarah Palin is president," he said. With that kind of tongue-in-cheek view of the end of the world, Hilton's involvement in the show becomes a little clearer.

And Hilton, as much flak as she takes for being whatever it is she is, isn't above lampooning herself for a little exposure. She made fun of herself in a guest stint on My Name is Earl, and how else would you explain her participation in Repo! The Genetic Opera?

Supernatural has made some risky decisions before -- the third Winchester brother, the black-and-white "Monster Movie" (hey, I liked it) -- and the results always put our fears to rest. This (crosses fingers) should be no different.

Season five of Supernatural begins on September 10.

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