Supernatural S11E10: "The Devil in the Details" 

I wasn't ready for this level of emotional abuse, Supernatural. There I was, on the verge of throwing a tantrum because darling Lucy was seemingly reduced to a one-off baddie moonlighting as the ghost of Christmas past, when Castiel decided to make the dumbest decision ever. I know, I know, Supernatural primed him for it with all of that "you're totes expendable" garbage, so Cas was certainly feeling a little low heading into Operation: Rescue Sam Again, but saying "yes" to Lucifer? C'mon, dude. I get acting out of desperation and depression, but we're talking about Lucifer here. 

Then again, we also have the luxury of knowing how Sammy and Lucy's reunion in the cage was spent, and that as soon as Sam called Lucifer out on his B.S., Lucifer basically confirmed that yup, his ability to gank Amara might have been an exaggeration and of course he was going to wear his favorite meatsuit to Apocalypse 2.0 as soon as he (maybe) saved the world from the Darkness. Cas was missing some vital intel when he let Lucifer turn him into a prom dress. 

"The Devil in the Details" had moments of brilliance, as well as moments of utter WTF—and not the good WTF like cannibal make-out sessions in "My Bloody Valentine" but more like the entirety of "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding." I mean, smiting sickness? Really? Could the plot to get Castiel alone with Amara be any more contrived? 

So, Castiel's latest bout of crappy self esteem, daddy issues, and the hero complex he contracted from Dean somewhere along the line, once again led him down the path of making impressively stupid decisions. Did we not learn our lesson with the Leviathan? No? Okay, well have fun watching Lucifer use your vessel (that, if Nick was any indication, will start molting any moment now) to smite innocents, terrorize Winchesters, and—it looks like we got started on this one early, gang—reestablish Supernatural's sausage-fest status quo by continuing that fine tradition of killing all the womenfolk. #RIPROWENA #RIPNERDYASIANSTEREOTYPEANGEL

That raises the question though: what does Castiel see of Lucifer in his Jimmy-suit? Is Cas trapped in his vessel? I can't imagine having two angels taking up space in one well-worn human skin will do anything short of violating the hell out of that warranty and vastly reducing it's durability. 

Was Cas just kicked back to Heaven when Lucy moved in? Is he stuck in the cage with a chronically masturbating Michael and no-doubt babbling incoherently Adam? Did he get sucked into Lucifer's Nick-vessel? Is Supernatural priming us for yet another assault on Sam Winchester's sanity by inevitably sticking him in the middle of Castiel-Nick and Lucifer-Jimmy and forcing him to figure out which one is the holy tax accountant and which one is the worst bunk buddy ever? 

I'm going with that one. 

So. Rowena is dead. Amara is alive. Castiel is MIA and Sam is not okay. Lucifer is topside. Dean is sexually frustrated and very, very confused about his feelings towards Amara. Colin Ford makes me feel like a dirty old woman and as usual, Supernatural slogged through an otherwise mediocre episode just to burn the world down in the last five minutes. Lucifer is back, and we may not be getting the Mark Pellegrino comedy hour along with him, but dang, Misha Collins looks more than up to the task. 


– LOL @ Rowena's nightmare. 

– Awww, Rowena really does love Crowley and that's so sweet in a sad Supernatural way and.... well, she's dead now. Carry on!


– One day, the cast and crew of Supernatural will admit that they discovered time travel way back in like, season 3, and that Colin Ford is actually a wee Jared Padalecki that they plucked from somewhere in the '90s and raised as their own so that they would always have a perfect wee-Sam on hand. One day, they will make this announcement and I will say, "told you so." 

– You know, I don't have a Sam POP figure. How blasphemous. 

– What did you think of Supernatural's return? Predictions for the second half of the season? Time to share with the class!