Supernatural Won't Stop After the Devil is Dead

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It's official, boys and girls. Supernatural is coming back for a sixth season. The CW announced the news today, along with pickups of four other series: Gossip Girl, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, and America's Next Top Model.

There had been questions about whether or not Supernatural would return for another season, given creator Eric Kripke's five-year plan for the show. But apparently he thinks there's enough juice in the tank for another round of Sam and Dean battling spooks.

Given the storyline of this season—stopping the Apocalypse and killing Lucifer—what will the renewal mean for next season? Will the producers extend the apocalypse plot into next year, or will they come up with a new chapter altogether?

Supernatural's time-slot partner The Vampire Diaries will also be back as it replaces Gossip Girl as the network's favorite child. 90210 will return until The CW finds something better. And America's Next Top Model, well, that show just keeps chugging along—despite getting stranger each season.

Noticeably absent from the list are Smallville and Melrose Place. Though Melrose Place isn't looking like a renewal contender, Smallville was largely thought to be returning. But why wouldn't The CW announce Smallville's renewal, if there's going to be one, at the same time as these others? That, my friend, is a good question.

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